Flake On Epoxy Floors


Epoxy Flake Flooring

One of Total Concrete Polishing’s most popular flooring options is epoxy flake flooring. For the last few years, this option has become a mainstay for businesses, both commercial and industrial, as well as residential properties. Our team of professionals have the experience, the techniques and the dedication to ensure that your epoxy flake flooring project is completed to perfection.

Epoxy Flakes For All.

This type of flooring involves dry paint flakes being combined with a coloured base to create a multi-layered finish. On top of that, we use epoxy resins, meaning a stronger and more durable base on the floor. After applying the colour and flakes, we add two or more layers of epoxy finishes to create a tight seal finish. The final result is a floor that is attractive, slick, hygienic and easy to clean and maintain.

Easy Process.

We believe in an easy and stress-less process for all our clients. We have a wide selection of colours, both in base colours and in flakes. This way we are able to provide you with the selection of your choice. Our process is easy:

Pick your base colour

Decide on the colour of your flakes

Decide on the size of the flakes

We apply it!

It is really that simple with us! We can apply epoxy floors to all sorts of different floors, including concrete, wood, tiles and much more!

Benefits of Epoxy Flake Floors.
The reasons for the popularity of these floors is because of the benefits that they provide to many property owners. These benefits include:

Resistant to stains, marks, wear and tear

Resistant to chemicals

Anti-bacterial, due to the flake floors

Low maintenance necessary

Easy to clean

Easy to refurbish if necessary

Low cost over the years

Environmentally friendly

The Total Concrete Promise.
We believe in providing the best service possible when it comes to epoxy flake floors. Our aim is to ensure that your concrete floor is transformed into a perfect epoxy flake floor. That is the type of service and promise that Total Concrete Polishing can offer you.

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