Yes, almost all concrete floors can be polished if they are 100 years old of few months old, the process remains the same and the great benefits you will achieve after this process remains the same too
We cover about 1.5 m of your existing or newly painted walls with nylon sheets to protect them from any possible dirt, we also use a very efficient vacuum system that can collect about 98% of the dust created through the grinding process, the remaining can be easily swept away.
The benefits are huge like:

  • The long lasting floor type
  • Reduce the environment waste by suing the existing floor slab
  • LEED compliant floor
  • The lowest maintenance requirements over all floor types
  • Versatile flooring as you can change the look of the floor at the polishing process
The sooner is the better as it can saves you money, the best time is before pouring the concrete slab as you can choose the color of the floor and the type of the exposed aggregate easier then.
The benefits are numerous like:

  • Shine like a glass and the shine comes from the concrete itself not any coatings
  • No maintenance or treatment is required forever provided that no misuse of the floor will happen
  • Extremely easy to clean
  • It is a very cost effective process
If using top coatings or Grind & Seal, just allow for couple of hours, when polishing with full mechanical polishing method, you can walk on the floor straight away once finished.
No, the polishing process will increase the floor stain resistance over normal concrete floor by closing the pores of the floor tight that keeps all liquid spills longer on the surface and giving you more time to respond and get the spills cleaned, but leaving the spills on the floor without action may result in staining the floor.
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