Concrete Resurfacing


Residential Resurfacing

When it comes to keeping your house in its best condition, it is vital to take a look at the condition of your floors. Just like any other part of the house, floors become weaker and damaged, which means that your appealing look of your home, the safety of your family and the value of your property diminishes. It is important for regular maintenance of your floors, including resurfacing it. Total Concrete Polishing can help you with this particular part, thanks to our skills and experience in residential resurfacing.

Why your home?

There are many reasons on why when the floors at your home (both indoors and outdoors) should be resurfaced. These reasons include:

  • Make it look aesthetically appealing again

  • Ensure that it is safe and secure for your family

  • Secure a strong foundation for future developments

  • Increase the value of your property

  • Enhance the look of your home

Returning Your Floor.

Thanks to the dedication of our team, we can return your floor back to its best quality. Regardless of the type of floor you have, and its condition, we have all the techniques, skills and equipment to ensure a perfect resurfacing project for your home floors. Whether those floors are inside or outside, we can do it for you.

New Designs.

Not only can we return your floor to its best condition, we can also create a new design and look for you. With our selection of services, we can prepare your floor so that you can apply the finishes touches and transform your home. The effort from our teams means that regardless of how you want your floor to look at the end of your resurfacing project, we can get you there.

industrial floor

Industrial Resurfacing

After years of wear and tear, it is natural that concrete floors in industrial workplaces begin to suffer. Whether through the natural breakdown, accidents, foot and vehicle traffic and spills, concrete floors slowly chip away, become uneven and deteriorate. It is during this time that your concrete floor can be resurfaced back to its premium best. It is during this time that the team at Total Concrete Polishing can help you.

Why Resurface your concrete floor?
There are a few reasons on why you should get your concrete floors resurfaced.

  • Damaged and uneven floors are dangerous to workers. This can lead to more accidents and employees getting seriously injured.

  • If you leave the floor damaged for longer, it can lead to worst problems and more damages.

  • This will mean that to repair your floors will cost more than previously. This is why, as soon as your concrete floors get damaged, you should seek to get them repaired.

What Total Concrete Polishing can do for you?
As professionals with years of experience in the industry, we have all the skills, techniques and modern equipment to ensure a complete and professional concrete resurfacing for your industrial workplace. Our process is aimed at restoring your concrete floor back to its premium best; guaranteeing years of strength and durability to withstand wear and tear. By using a premium coating, your new floor will be able to live and withstand your industrial purposes.

Contact the team!
Total Concrete Polishing is your team when it comes to industrial resurfacing. We will restore your floor to its best condition, brand new and ready for you to get back to work as soon as possible. Reach out to us today to get your project started.

Commercial Resurfacing

There are many offices and commercial enterprises around Melbourne that come to the point that their floors are damaged, uneven, broken and completely unsafe. Instead of letting their floors get even worse, they call the professionals here at Total Concrete Polishing. Our aim is to provide a complete resurfacing of your floor regardless of the condition and stature. With our experience, we can deliver on those results.

Why the damage?

Over the years, the floors of commercial enterprises become uneven and damaged. That is the natural of things. Regardless if your workplace is an office, a warehouse or a retail store, floors do not last forever. Walking, natural wear and tear, accidents, spills and so forth, all contribute to floors become weaker and more breakable.

Why get your commercial floor resurfaced?

Not only resurfacing your floor will make it safer for your employees, but it will also make return it to its best condition. This means that your workplace can last years of more wear and tear before any issues start to arise. But perhaps, one of the most important reasons on why should get your floor resurfaced, is that it makes your business look professional. Nothing is worse than seeing prospective clients and customers looking at your broken floor and thinking that you do not care about your work. Returning it to its best, will make your business look like the best.

Easy Process.

Total Concrete Polishing is your team when it comes to commercial resurfacing. We will restore your floor of your commercial enterprise, business, office, retail store and so forth, to its premier best. Our process is aimed at returning your floor to its status as if it was brand new. This will guarantee years of strength and endurance. Reach out to us today to get your project started.

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