Concrete Polishing (Hiperfloor)



Over the last few years, one of the most popular floor solutions and installations has been hiperfloor. Total Concrete Polishing has all the skills, experience and the equipment to guarantee a smooth, effective and easy hiperfloor installation. With 20 years experience in the floor solution industry, we know what it takes to implement your hiperfloor solution for your floor.

What is Hiperfloor?

Thanks to new diamond grinding equipment, we can apply hiperfloors to your place without the need of coatings. Visually stunning to suit any workplace, this flooring solution will leave you with an incredibly smooth and glass-like finish that will leave your workplace in professional and clean standard.

Great for all properties.

What makes hiperfloor so popular is that it can be applied to any and all properties, including residential, commercial and industrial. Thanks to its strong material and appealing look, it can be customised with an array of different colour and patterns to suit any workplace or property.

What are the benefits?

Hiperfloor is popular for its benefits. That is why many workplaces of all sorts have asked us to install hiperfloors in their workplace. These benefits include:

  • Aesthetically appealing

  • Glass-like shine

  • Durable and strong coating

  • Abrasive resistant

  • Maintenance free

  • Hygienic and clean

  • Slip resistant

  • Environmentally secure
    (Due to low maintenance and long-term durability)

  • No need for reapplications

Effective Application:

With 20 years of experience in the field, Total Concrete Polishing is the team for you. We have all the experience, the knowledge and the latest technology and equipment to applied a clean and professional hiperfloor. Regardless of how large your property is, or what colour, pattern or design, you are after, you can be sure that we can apply it to your hiperfloor. That is the promise of Total Concrete Polishing.

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