Concrete Cleaning

Concrete floors are widely used for most of the commercial & industrial premises such as factories, warehouses and display stores, also become very popular inside homes especially in kitchen & living areas, while they are very durable and low maintenance, but over time with a lot of heavy traffic some spills and traffic marks could build up and create a dirty appearance of the floors, if the floors are not polished to a high standard some porosity will exist in the floors make them vulnerable to be permanently stained if the spills and marks are not removed in a timely manner. Hence, a regular cleaning plan should be implemented to keep the floors in a mint condition and avoiding a costly gridding job down the track.Cleaning concrete floors can be done by the use of any of the following methods:

  • High pressure cleaning: it is very effective as we are applying a high pressure of up to 3500 psi direct on the floor, but the floor must have adequate drains to avoid flooding the area.
  • Buffing/Scrubbing cleaning: we apply a rotary scrubber machine with variable tough flexible pads or heavy brushes directly on the floor with many passes to clean the floor to the best possible condition then we mop the floor to remove any residual dirt.
  • Steam Extraction cleaning: we apply hot steam of a pressure of 1000 psi with a very strong extraction which leaves the floor clean and semi dry straight away.
  • Buffing & steam extraction cleaning: we buff the floor first to loosen all the stubborn and heavy spills then apply steam extraction, ideal for heavy dirty floors.
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