You might have come to the point that you are looking at changing up your floor. You’re now stuck thinking about what is better: concrete floors or tiles? Now, before you jump the gun and think that concrete floors only come in grey, stop right there: concrete floors are very important for many people thanks to their versatile, strength…and well, let us compare the two and see the differences, shall we?

Longevity and lifespan:
This is already a 1-nil to concrete. While tiles are tough, strong, and can withstand plenty of wear and tear, it does not compare to the strength of concrete. Concrete is naturally strong and can last through years of accident, impacts, wear and tear, and still remain in premier condition. Concrete 1 – Tiles 0.

Tiles usually come in a set of different colours, designs and styles. There are hundred of thousand of options. This does not compare to the complete customisation that concrete floors. It has the complete luxury of choice; in essence you can do whatever you with your “grey” concrete floors. Concrete 2 – Tiles 0.

Vulnerable to damage:
Moisture and humidity can lead to mould. Mould leads to damaged floors. Even though tiles are susceptible to mould, it would require years, even decades, of exposure. Concrete does not have that threat. It is clean cut to withstand all sorts of moisture and humidity. It would be rare, if not impossible, for concrete floors to have mould on them. Concrete 3 – Tiles 0.

Repairs and Replacement:
Few flooring options can compare with the replacement nature of concrete. However, while it might extremely rare for concrete floors to require repairs, it is possible for it to happen. It might require an extremely powerful impact or after many decades of decay. Tiles do require repairs more regularly, but only if they are damaged. It’s a point each. Concrete 4 – Tiles 1.

Cost Effectiveness:
Unlike other flooring options, tiles and concrete is worth it. Both are strong, durable, and can be affordable for anyone who requires them. The only difference being that tiles might require more costs on maintenance and on repairs, if needed. Concrete floors do not require constant cleaning maintenance, and repairs are few and far between. Concrete 5- Tiles 1.