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Welcome all to Total Concrete Polishing! As specialists in concrete floors polishing, we have the experience and the skill to polish concrete floors for a host of different properties throughout Melbourne. Our dedication to offering a high quality service is the reason we are considered one of Melbourne’s most respected and popular concrete polishing company.

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The Essentials of Concrete Floor Polishing

Over the last 20 years, concrete floors have become very popular as the main floor for commercial, industrial and residential properties.While concrete floors are notable for their long-term endurance and longevity, having them polished will further increase its durability.

By polishing your concrete floor, you are decreasing its porosity level, which increases its resistance to stains, spills and marks. Furthermore, the floor will look brand new after it is polished, and if you required, can have its colour changed to suit your needs. Having polished concrete floors mean a unique low maintenance and robust flooring option.




Our concrete technicians are well trained and experienced in providing high quality concrete polishing. We have the skills, the latest technologies and the untapped techniques to guarantee a smooth,silky and professional finish. When you hire Total Concrete Polishing, you are receiving one of Melbourne’s premier concrete polishing teams. All our technicians are insured by Victorian Laws, and we offer a 12-month warranty on all our work.

Our Polished Concrete Service in Melbourne

We work all over Melbourne, and even in some regional areas. We are available 7 days a week and are happy to offer free advice, a cost estimate and a free site visit to discuss your concrete polishing project.
Contact us today on 03 8510 1553 to get your project started. Below is a quick map preview of our concrete polishing services in Melbourne, Victoria – Australia

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Top Coating Polishing

it is an entrance level of concrete polishing as it is the cheapest method, it is an ideal solution for people who are looking to sell their homes and enhancing the look of their concrete floor which will add more value to their homes, in this method we start with cleaning the floors first by the use of any of the concrete floor cleaning methods mention in this site, then proceed with the application of one coat or more as required of waterbased clear polish which will enhance the look of the floor and will add more protection against stains which could last for the period of 2 years (depends on the number of coats)

Grind & Seal polishing

It is the second best concrete floor polishing method, we grind the concrete floor to achieve any of the 3 different levels of exposed aggregate (nil, medium, full) and polish the floor with 2 coats of acrylic or polyurethane clear polish, you will enjoy your floor in a mint condition for the period of 5-7 years, for a price guide this method would cost around $ 70.00 – $ 90.00 /m2 depending on the floor size, aggregate exposure level and its current condition, we are using a dustless machines to protect your premises from dust and you can keep using tour house or business while the work is underway.

Full Mechanical Polishing (Hyper Floors)

It is the best of all methods, we grind & ground the concrete to reach the desired level of stone exposure (nil, medium, full) then we proceed with densifying the floor to increase its density with the use of concrete densifier for multiple times to reach the maximum density of the concrete, then grind again with fine diamonds to get the floor to the best polishing condition and the floor then will shine like a glass, this method will keep the floor shiny forever and no more treatment to the floor is required, as a price guide this method will cost between $ 90.00 – $ 140.00/m2 depending on the floor size, stone exposure level and the current condition of the floor.